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★★★★★ Belleville: Life, Death, The Universe & Everything

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Had me hooked from the start. in common with the magic realism tradition, reality is presented, but everything is subtly different. we are expected to believe in crazy unthinkable things, which are presented in such an offhand way that they really highlight the sense that things are rotten in the state of Belleville. Fans of the hard-boiled detective genre will enjoy the Hammettesque narrative. The characters are likeable, and simple - Truslove doesn't go in for soul searching, it's all about the mystery. The central mystery of WTF is going on here??? is frustratingly untold. I believe the author had in mind a 4 book story, making me wonder what the next subtitles might be.... Nevertheless, the mysteries that ARE solved within the book are certainly satisfying. On a personal note I'd like to urge people to buy this so maybe Gordon Truslove will get to publish Belleville: 2,3 and 4

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